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               - "Your trusted PG study partner"

Founded in 2015 with the aim of helping medical graduates prepare for their entrance examinations by a team of 6 doctors and engineers.
Currently we have grown into a strong team of highly qualified 68  faculties and national authors . 
We have published 7 books and offered scholarships worth more than 1 crore to the students in need.

Exams covered:
       NEET PG
       NEET SS
       NEET UG

           Mock Exams
           Webseries lecture videos 
           Customisable Flashcards

         80000 tests taken
         100000 questions database
         400 hours of video lectures*
         20000+ Users benefitted
         8 Exams covered
         More than 1000 toppers 
         4 books launched
         5 books under development

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